These three girls are the inspiration for Lark 

Three daughters who have very different tastes, interests and needs. Strong identities with a desire to break away from old gender stereotypes and conventional kids wear. 

We don't yet make things big enough for the older two, however the years of trying to find perfect things for them to lark about in has given me the insight and drive to create garments that they would have loved when they were small.



About Me

After working in Womenswear for over 8 years, it has been refreshing and lots of fun to try my hand at making kids clothes. I have been a freelance textile designer for nearly a decade, selling my work through an agent to many brands and designers, worldwide. While this has been creatively rewarding - you have to be prolific and react fast to current trends at that end of the supply chain, it is more satisfying to create a range of clothes and products and actually get to meet my customers! I'm loving the process of applying my print designs to all sorts of garments and interior products too. All sorts of printed projects in the pipeline...