Clothes made for Larking About.

Using our own exclusive prints and super soft organic cotton, we print and make all our clothes in small batches inthe UK.  

We don't like mass produced garments made in damaging environments, so we make sure our clothes are produced as cleanly and respectfully as possible. 


We love wearing print, and we love thoughtful design.

Lark clothes are designed to be lived in! Covered in food and mud, chucked in the machine time and time again without fading, shrinking or falling apart. Our printing technique means the design is IN the fabric not on top of it so wont rub off - this keeps it looking fresh so there will still be plenty of life in it to pass on.

For more info on our printing techniques and fabric choices check out The Way We Do Things page.


Little things make a big difference.

Each piece of clothing is designed to last longer than usual, they look great worn over-sized, or close fitting. Extra long cuffs and deep waistbands mean more time for your little one to lark about in it. Thoughtful details like no itchy labels, and covered neck seams put comfort first.


Re-Think The Rules

Our clothes are un-gendered, and non-seasonal… because we don't believe in those kind of rules. We reprint our core designs when we sell out, so when your kid grows out of their favourite jumper we will have the next size up. Alongside our monochrome prints, we also run limited edition colour ways and exciting products for your home. 



Get your Lark on