There are so many choices to make when producing fabric and clothing. 

We thrive on pattern and design, and we care passionately about the planet and the people on it so we have made our decisions with the environment and people as our priority. 

Any kind of printing or dyeing uses some sort of chemical, and creates a certain amount of waste. We have chosen to use fibre-reactive dyes for our colours, and Discharge printing for our Monochrome prints. These give the best results with the least pollution, and the prints will be fade resistant and long-lasting.

The Discharge printing - also known as Reverse printing, works by removing the dye from a dark background, so the printed area is lighter. When processed and washed, the fabric is free of any chemicals or inks and feels soft to touch.

Much of the carbon footprint of an item of clothing comes after production; during washing and the life span of the garment. So we have made our prints to be fade resistant, with the print 'in' the fabric. For more info on how to wash and care for your Lark garms, head to our Sizing and Care page.

We have chosen our monochrome prints to be black and soft grey, as its more practical, and we think its classy. Bright white on toddlers with a penchant for squishy mucky things is a recipe for a laundry meltdown. Stained clothes are less likely to be passed on and are thrown away quicker, so clever colour choices and print designs can keep clothes in circulation longer, reducing their environmental impact.

We only use 100% Organic Cotton for Lark Clothing, our trims are Organic cotton where possible, with some elastane for stretchy waistbands and cuffs. We source our fabric from organiccotton.biz who are amazing and have wonderful and respectful relationships with their mills and factories in India. We are a big advocate for transparency and accountability in the fashion and textile industry, knowing where your products come from, and who makes them is crucial for things to change for the better.